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SAAFE House could not survive without the manpower of our volunteers.  Volunteer Opportunities at SAAFE House are as plentiful as they are varied.   Needs and desires of each volunteer are established in a one on one interview with the volunteer coordinator at SAAFE House scheduled upon receipt of a volunteer application.

Confidentiality is a guiding principle of the agency because of the work we do.

Some of the various volunteer opportunities are listed below. Each one has the potential to put you in contact with victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault, but many volunteer opportunities that do not involve direct service with our clients are available. We never want to put anyone in a situation in which they are not well-trained, comfortable and/or confident.

As you read the list below, think about assignments that interest you. Each volunteer task has different training requirements.  This can be as brief as the 2-hour orientation or as involved as the 40 Hour Advocacy Training, depending on your personal desires.  Once trained, there will ALWAYS be tasks that you can help with.  We are very flexible and want you to get involved at a level commitment that best suits you.  Some volunteers come on a scheduled weekly basis, while others desire to volunteer on an "as needed" basis, or "on call".  When special events or programs arise we always need extra volunteer support.

You can decide your own level of commitment to our agency.  We realize the value of your time and talent.  At Sam Houston State University the motto is "The measure of a life it its service" so many college students are either assigned volunteer work as part of their curriculum or choose it as a way to gain valuable service experience while doing something rewarding.

Many of our employees started as volunteers with the agency and found themselves on the path to a meaningful and fulfilling career.

We also have special projects for groups, such as churches, scouts, sororities, and other clubs and organizations.  Usually it is best to have a good conversation about your desires with us before beginning any kind of project, so that we can provide the necessary support, publicity and assistance you deserve.


Volunteer Opportunities

Clerical/Office/Reception Support: provide support to office staff through typing, data entry, filing, shredding, copying, donation processing, answering office phones, taking messages and customer service.

Resale Shop: work with Elite Repeat staff.  Tasks include but are not limited to sorting, hanging, steaming clothing or preparing other merchandise for the shop, etc. Good customer service skills are desired.

Cleaning:  Office chores such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, glass cleaning, etc.

Organizing: Help organize items such as pantry supplies, toys, special event packets, client goods, Christmas gifts, etc.  

Transportation: Assist clients with their transportation needs as requested through use of personal vehicle. I.e. doctor’s appointments, legal appointments, job interviews, church, etc.

Community Education Support: Assisting the Education team in presentation opportunities and presentation materials. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.

Childcare Advocate: Provide supervision and care for children during counseling sessions, group meetings and/or a time mutually agreed upon by yourself, SAAFE HOUSE staff and clients. This task requires constant communication between yourself and Staff in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for children. Ages of children range from infant to teenagers.

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