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At SAAFE House, we're always looking to collaborate with college students and recent university graduates. Real-life work experience provides interns with a competitive edge and resume-building, and in particular.


Volunteering or Interning can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career, and even feel happier and healthier. Each position has the potential to put you in contact with victims of family violence and/or sexual assault. Direct Services requires additional training. This training is going to provide you with everything that you need to potentially have your own caseload at the office or be able to help cover shifts in our shelter. Some of the various opportunities are listed below. 

Volunteer Locations: SAAFE House provides services in four different counties which means your volunteering experience can accommodate your needs. Our volunteers can give time in Huntsville, Livingston, Trinity, and Coldspring! Contact us for more information on all of our offices!

 SAAFE House’s Shelter's internship program offers a rewarding experience that will broaden the intern’s horizons while providing the opportunity to gain experience at an established nonprofit. SAAFE House internships are non-paid positions. The purpose of an internship is to gain experience, knowledge, and training in your field of study.  Internship Opportunities at SAAFE House are numerous and varied.


See All Volunteer/Intern Opportunities Below!

General Positions

  • Clerical/Office Support: Providing support to office staff through typing, data entry, creating spreadsheets, working with various computer programs, filing, shredding paper, etc. 

  • Reception/Processing Donations: Greeting visitors, helping them navigate through the office, sorting mail, making copies, answering office phones, taking messages, processing donations, and basic customer service.

  • SAAFE Shoppe: Assisting at the resale shop with things such as greeting customers and preparing items for sale (sorting, hanging, ironing, pricing, processing donations, etc.).

  • Food Pantry: Rotate all the food items and toiletries to ensure everything is kept up-to-date and organized! Make sure the inventory logs are up to date.

  • Maintenance/Repair:  Maintaining or repairing broken equipment at the outreach office, resale shop, or shelter. Duties may include replacing light bulbs, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting, overall general maintenance, and janitorial duties.

  • Technical Person:  Assisting the office with computer equipment that may be donated to or purchased by the organization and maintaining network systems, etc.


Direct Services & Advocacy


Direct Services & Advocacy requires additional training. This training is going to provide you with everything that you need to potentially have your own caseload at the office or be able to help cover shifts in our shelter.

  •  Shelter Advocate: Support shelter staff in working with adult and child victims of Family Violence and Sexual Assault. Responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting in household chores, discussing parenting skills, providing information regarding job search, homework, and coordinating recreation.

  •  Hotline Advocate: Responsibilities include answering the 24-hour crisis hotline, and providing the caller with crisis intervention, resources, information, referrals, and intakes.

  •  Rape Crisis Advocate: Responsible for providing crisis intervention, peer counseling, support to family and friends, information, and referral along with personal accompaniment to victims of sexual assault. The position could potentially require you to meet victims at the ER, police department, or the SAAFE House Office.

  •  Legal Advocate: Responsible for assisting victims with the criminal justice system by aiding in the completion of protective order applications, crime victims’ compensation paperwork, and accompaniment to court, the police department, the district attorney’s office, etc.

  •  On-Call: Responsible for assisting and supporting shelter staff in the event that a person is needed to help with client situations, transportation, emergency errands, and other tasks required by the shelter.

  •  Childcare: Volunteers who are willing to provide childcare in our childcare room for the children while our clients are meeting with their advocates. Times vary but are usually during regular business hours. 

  •  *Mentoring: Set time weekly or bi-weekly. The program is a completely volunteer-run program. Volunteers set a plan for each semester where they would have time to meet with school-age children to help with homework, class projects, reading, tutoring or just to do fun activities.

  •  *Shelter Support: Almost anything from helping clients to cook and teaching cooking techniques, organizing a girl’s night, exercise class, how to apply makeup, and just spending time with the clients so that Shelter Advocates can tend to their work without being interrupted. Giving the clients something to do that is fun, relaxing, and educational.


Community Relations


  • Events: Planning, organizing, setting up, collecting donations, putting out fliers, and much more. We have a fundraising committee along with an event committee for each event.

  • Marketing: Your work will include but is not limited to retail marketing, event planning & execution, branding campaigns, web design, promotional materials, social media marketing, and so much more.


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